AcaPixus RectFish

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AcaPixus RectFish is a Windows software that provides an additional remapping method especially for circular fisheye images. Rather than remapping the image into some "meaningful" geometrically defined projection, e.g. a rectilinear projection, it merely stretches the circular image projection into a rectangular image. This simpler approach preserves all the captured information of the original image rather than projecting some detail outside the ultimate cropping rectangle. AcaPixus RectFish can also be applied to diagonal fisheye images, but in this case obviously some detail must be projected outside the cropping detail, although less than with other common remapping projections.

Below is a comparison of the image produced by the AcaPixus RectFish method compared to the uncropped results of rectilinear, QTVR, and Psphere projections performed using Panorama Tools.


Original fisheye image
Canon 10D + Sigma EX 8 mm
AcaPixus RectFish projection
Panorama Tools
Psphere projection
Panorama Tools
QTVR projection
Panorama Tools
rectilinear projection
utilizing 120 degrees hAOV