AcaPixus RectFish

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The RectFish installation files is compressed into one zip file. Use Windows built in zip reader, WinZip or similar software to uncompress the zip archive.

RectFish is still being developed. Additional functionality and refinement of parameters well be added over time. The installation files may not always contain the latest compilation. If so you may download the upgrade file to get the latest revision on your computer.

Installation files:
Revision 1.0.44 (April 14th, 2015) 3.9 MB 

Revision 1.0.39 (November 29th, 2015) 3.9 MB 

Installation procedure:

1) Download the zip file above and save anywhere on your computer, i.e. your desktop. Before installing, extract the content to any temporary folder, as the installer may not succeed when running from within the zip archive.

2) Now run the setup file and install the program - one has to click a big square box on the installer at some point. During installation, please select to keep newer files on your computer, when/if prompted.

3) Finally you may delete the downloaded zip file as well as the temporary folder containing the extracted content.

NOTE: Revision 1.0.39 contains a bug preventing opening images on monitors with very high resolution, i.e. above 2180 in any dimension - upgrade to latest revision before using

Upgrade files:
Revision 1.0.54 (January 31st, 2021) 101 kB
To upgrade an existing installation only.

Upgrade files

Upgrade procedure:

1) Download the zip file and save anywhere on your computer, i.e. your desktop.

2) Open the zip archive in one window while opening your installation folder in another file explorer window.

3) Now copy the new exe file from the zip archive into your installation folder. You may be prompted for administrator rights to do so.

4) Finally you may delete the downloaded zip file.

NOTE: upgrading from 1.0.38 or earlier requires a complete re-installation