AcaPixus PixBlender
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AcaPixus PixBlender is a Windows software for blending or merging several images into a single image. 

Image blending examples will be added soon.


Noise reduction:
The blend mode "Average" can be used for stacking images together to reduce noise.

Exposure extension:
The blend mode "Sum and divide by ..." is essentially the same as above, except that the user gets to set the divisor. This enable adding the exposure to effectively get a longer exposure time.


Star trails:
The blend mode "Brightest" is especially useful for stacking partial star trail exposures, e.g. say 24 exposures of 5 minutes each to get a full 2 hour star trail. Could also be used to blend fireworks images. 

Headlight removal:
The blend mode "Darkest" can be used for blending out head- and taillights from moving cars.


Moving object removal:
The blend modes "Median" and "Average of commonest" can be used to blend out any moving objects darker or brighter than the background. The "Median" mode (fastest) can be used if no pixel is covered by moving objects in more than half the images. The mode "Average of commonest" can be used if moving objects cover pixels in more than half the images but still for each pixel the background is the most common colour.

Moving object aggregation:
The blend modes "Different from first by RGB value ..." and "Most different from average" can both be used to aggregate the moving objects. While the first mode is cumulative, changing pixel values for each image progressively, the latter mode sets the pixel value to the value most different from average. One difference is that if a moving object exists in the first image it will be blended away by the "Different from first by RGB value ..." mode but retained by the "Most different from average" mode. On the other hand the former mode may produce the most pleasing result if the moving object is overlapping from image to image.
These modes could also be used for stacking star trails, but the "Brightest" is substantially faster.


Other modes
More blending modes will be added as soon as possible.