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Wide angles lenses on Canon full frame versus 1.6 x field of view cropping cameras

Comparison of various wide angles on full frame versus Canon EOS D30 / D60 / 10D / 300D / 20D.

All images are from Canon Lens Works II. The 15 mm fish eye + PanoTools images have been rectilinearized or converted to QVTR panorama using Panorama Tools developed by Helmut Dersch. The 17 mm images are crops of the 14 mm images (no 17 mm sample available in Canon Lens Works II).

The 15 mm fish eye + PanoTools gives a horizontal coverage on the Canon D30/D60/10D/300D/20D corresponding to a 17 mm lens on a full frame 24x36 camera and a vertical coverage corresponding to a 20 mm lens.

Lens Full frame 24x36 1.6 x crop
15 mm fish eye 15.jpg (10746 bytes) 15onD30.jpg (12084 bytes)
15 mm fish eye
using PanoTools
15_RL.jpg (6551 bytes) 15onD30_RL.jpg (10551 bytes)
15 mm fish eye
QVTR panorama
using PanoTools
14 mm 14.jpg (10674 bytes) 14onD30.jpg (11200 bytes)
17 mm 17.jpg (10918 bytes) 17onD30.jpg (11588 bytes)
20 mm 20.jpg (11554 bytes) 20onD30.jpg (12333 bytes)
24 mm 24.jpg (10514 bytes) 24onD30.jpg (11346 bytes)


Software for remapping fisheye
images into a rectangular projection