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Image noise on Canon EOS D30 versus PowerShot S40:

Why pay more for less? Why buy an expensive digital SLR camera when you can have a handy sleek point and shoot camera with more pixels for much less money?

Well, the image quality of a digital camera is not only determined by the pixel resolution. The imager of a digital point and shoot camera is much smaller than the imager of a digital SLR camera. Consequently, the pixels are also much smaller, resulting in more noise.

Below is a comparison of images shot at the Botanical Gardens using either a Canon D30 mounted with an EF 17-35mm f2.8 or a Canon PowerShot S40. Images have been shot at all ISO sensitivities the cameras provide. All images were saved as RAW files, converted to 24 bit TIFF using Canon RAW converter using sunlight white balance. No post processing has been applied.

The D30 produces 1440x2160 pixel images (3.1 MP) while the S40 produces 1704x2272 pixel images (3.9 MP). As can be seen from the crops below, which have been enlarged to 300%, the point and shoot camera is no match for the digital SLR camera. At ISO 50 sensitivity the S40 produces about as much noise as the D30 does at ISO 800. Besides, there is a problem with chromatic aberrations.


Lens Canon EOS D30 Canon PowerShot S40
Full D30_ISO0100_F80.jpg (33617 bytes) S40_ISO0100_F80.jpg (32287 bytes)
ISO 50


S40_ISO0050_F80_C1.jpg (9900 bytes)
ISO 100 D30_ISO0100_F80_C1.jpg (10447 bytes) S40_ISO0100_F80_C1.jpg (10258 bytes)
ISO 200 D30_ISO0200_F80_C1.jpg (11262 bytes) S40_ISO0200_F80_C1.jpg (11037 bytes)
ISO 400 D30_ISO0400_F80_C1.jpg (11283 bytes) S40_ISO0400_F80_C1.jpg (12141 bytes)
ISO 800 D30_ISO0800_F80_C1.jpg (11414 bytes)


ISO 1600 D30_ISO1600_F80_C1.jpg (11882 bytes)



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