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Comparison of Canon midrange zooms

This is a comparison of a Canon EF 24-105/4.0 L IS USM versus a EF 28-105/3.5-4.5 USM and a EF 28-135/3.5-5.6 IS USM shot at different focal length and at different f-stops using a Canon EOS 10D set at ISO 100. 

A EF 17-35/2.8 L USM, a EF 50/1.4 USM, and a EF 100/2.8 USM macro was also included at the appropriate focal lengths.

The photographed scene: 
The Greenhouse in Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Shot with EF 24-105/4.0 L IS USM @ 24 mm and f. 8.0

The camera was tripod mounted. Images were captured as RAW and converted to 24 bit TIFF files using DPP 1.503. Sharpness was set to 0 (no sharpening) and no other postprocessing has been applied to the images. 200x200 pixel crops were excised from the centre and periphery and saved as TIFF prior to conversion as JPEG files.


The comparisons

24/28 mm - 35 mm - 50 mm - 70 mm - 100/105 mm - Summary